Full name

Yasmim Flores


Visual Artist


São Paulo, Brazil


Brazilian visual artist, performer and art educator. Lives and works between Rotterdam – Netherlans and São Paulo – Brasil.


Yasmim Flores (São Paulo, Brazil, 1985) is a visual artist, performer and art educator. She lives and works between Rotterdam, the Netherlands and São Paulo, Brazil.
Yasmim’s research focuses on the integration of different disciplines such as drawing, painting, dance, music and installations.
Because she grew up in the backstage area of theatres, surrounded by musicians, Yasmim was exposed to the rituals of performance from an early age.] Her work is rooted in the practice of drawing as a gesture that involves the entire body in an intuitive process, using improvisation and a connection to the present moment through breathing and specific postures. The resulting work is often as much the trace of an ephemeral process as a profound exploration of corporal and organic forms that reference the female body.
Yasmim’s work is strongly influenced by Japanese dance and ink drawing traditions, as well as by the Brazilian modernist legacy of thinking and experiencing spaces sensorially. In her workshops for children she encourages others to be similarly receptive to their surroundings, using paint, coloured fabrics and storytelling techniques to collectively explore the body in relation to outdoor spaces.
Yasmim regularly collaborates with other artists and is part of the performance duo YaGe with musician Angelo Ursini.
She graduated in Visual Arts at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP, São Paulo, 2008), and also completed a specialization at École Nationale de Beaux-Arts (ENSBA) in Paris in 2009. As a visual artist and performer, Yasmim participated in a number of collective exhibitions in the Netherlands, France and Brazil.
Her educational workshops for children have been presented at cultural centres and museums in São Paulo such as MAM Museum of Modern Art-SP, Itaú Cultural and SESCs; and in Rio de Janeiro at the visual arts school Parque Lage.


Graduated in Visual Arts

Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP

São Paulo, Brazil · – 2008


École Nationale de Beaux-Arts (ENSBA)

Paris, France · – 2009

Program PIESP

PIESP – Escola São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil · – 2010

Program PIESP of São Paulo School of Arts, with the curators Adriano Pedrosa (Art Museum of São Paulo – MASP -Director) and Rodrigo Moura (Inhotim Museum Director)

Art Direction and Cinematography

B_ARCO Centro Cultural

São Paulo, Brazil · – 2013

Art Direction and Cinematography with Vera Hamburger

“The Art of Play for Educators”

Instituto Brincante

São Paulo, Brazil · – 2013

Segni Mossi

Segni Mossi Brazil

Belo Horizonte, Brazil · – 2015

Dance and drawing imersion with the italian duo “Segni Mossi”.

Sensitive Education

Casa Redonda Centro de Estudos

Carapicuíba, Brazil · – 2015

Educação sensível e integrativa, voltada para o universo da Cultura da Infância.

2018 We are all guests – South Explorer (group), Foundation B.a.d., Rotterdam, Netherlads
2018 Holling Pancakes (group), MAMA Showroom, Rotterdam, NL
2017 Carpintaria para todos, Carpintaria RJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2017 Salão dos arcos – Municipal (performance), Red Experience – Campari | iscream, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 Cá entre nós, OA Galeria, Vitória, Brazil
2016 Visite Decorado, Ocupação Artística, Projeto I Scream
2016 Projeto I Scream, Corporação
2016 Fissura (Ocupação Artística), Projeto Fissura
2016 Festival de Arte, 48hs de produção imersiva
2016 Praça das Artes – Theatro Municipal (Residência Artística), Do traço ao palco
2016 Tucarena (Performance), Desígnio – Performance
Semana das Artes do Corpo PUC SP
2016 Ocupação Artística, IN(LAR), São Paulo, Brazil
2015 “Alguns desvios do corpo” (Group), Arte Londrina 4, Londrina, Brazil
Curadoria do Cauê Alves e Danillo Villa.
2015 “Ação, Desenho, Resíduo” Performance (Projeto LADO B), RED Studios, São Paulo, Brazil
2014 “Estruturas Imaginárias” (Group), Museu de Arte Contemporânea – MARCO, Campo Grande, MS
2014 Projeto Múltiplos (group), Redbull Station of Arts, São Paulo, Brazil
2013 Ocupação (Group), Galeria Marta Traba – Memorial América Latina, São Paulo, Brazil
2013 NaLage, Na Lage, São Paulo, Brazil
Curadoria Nancy Betts
2011 Projeto Parede MAM (group), Museu de Arte Moderna – MAM SP, São Paulo, Brazil
CADAver – Coletivo de Artistas
2011 Programa de Exposições do MARP (Group), MARP, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
2011 “Cromagonia” – Intervenção urbana (coletivo), SPA das Artes, Recife, Brazil
2010 “Não é a Monalisa” (Group), Galeria Nuvem, São Paulo, Brazil
2008 Do outro lado de lá (Group), MAB – FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil
2008 BLOCO (Group), Galerie Droite, Paris, France
2006 “DemarcAções”, Casa do Lago, Unicamp, Campinas, Brazil
Curadoria Regina Johas
2005 XXXVII Anual de Artes da FAAP (Group), Salão de Artes da FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil
2018 Artistic Residence , Foundation B.a.d. Rotterdam NL

Art educator

Parquinho Lage – Arte Brasileira para crianças

EAV – Escola de Artes Visuais Parque Lage – RJ · 2017 – Present

Parque Lage is an experimental school of visual arts founded in 1975, that offers a wide range of courses and activities for students and boasts some of Rio de Janeiro’s best known artists as teachers. Their Parquinho Lage programme caters to children and their creative development through learning and play.

Art Educator

Casa Redonda Centro de Estudos

São Paulo, Brazil · 2015 – 2016

Casa Redonda Centro de Estudos – a pioneering early childhood school and teacher training center in Brazil, with over 30 years of history. The school influnced a generation of educators with its principles and practices, rooted in the early development of sensitivity, nature awareness, artistic expression, free play and the cultural diversity of Brazil.
Yasmim also does arts workshops for children with Arts Institutions, such as Itaú Cultural, the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM), and SESC-SP.